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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Nehemiah's Single-Mindedness

This series was preached for the new year in 2005 but is applicable to us today. We start in the book of Nehemiah where we learn about his single-minded desire that God be glorified through His people and the rebuilding of the City of Jerusalem, it's walls, and the Temple. Chapter 9 especially teaches us valuable lessons for the New Year. Whether we are hoping that the new year is better than the old, or whether we face new trials and tribulations, this we know - in trying times we must remember our God.

Often in troubles and trials we forget about God, except to think of Him as a way of escape. But in truth, as we study His character and His attributes we see that no matter what we face He will always be with us. The difficulty for us is found in that we need to learn to look past the winds, waves, and uncertainty and focus our attention on Him and His name. He must be our focus. He must be the center of our attention. He must be the priority and He must have the preimminence in our thinking.

Nehemiah sets an example for us by being single-minded when it comes to seeing the glory of God, even in trying times.

Here then, introducing a series titled Set Your Mind on Things Above, is the first message taken from Nehemiah 9 titled Nehemiah's Single-Mindedness.

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