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And He Himself gave some to be....evangelists, and some pastors and teachers, for the equipping of the saints for the work of ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ...
- Ephesians 4:11-12

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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Revival Forum 89

Del Fehsendfeld, Jr, and Life Action Ministries was used by God to do a great work in 1988. That year the minstry team was scheduled to come to my home church for a "revival crusade." The meetings would last 2 weeks we were told, unless God lead otherwise. And the focus was on true revival. Not an evangelistic crusade, pack the pews and have pizza parties for the youth. No. It was about revival - it was about the church being obedient to her Lord. It was about powerful, Spirit annointed preaching of the Word of God that confronted sin and apathy and bitterness. That 2 week crusade turned into a 6 week crusade as God met with us in a mighty way! Marriages were put back together. Church members were saved. Bitter rivalries were broken and people were humbled and reconciled. And above all, God was glorified. We had a taste of genuine revival.

It was during that crusade that God truly challenged me about my pride and my reliance upon myself and my skills as a preacher of the Word. He transformed my view of preaching and the power of His Word. He changed my understanding of revival, too. It was a turning point in my life and ministry that affects me to this day.

The year after our crusade Life Action Ministries hosted Revival Forum 89. What was Revival Forum 89? It was a group of meetings with some of the leading revivalists alive at the time. Men like Leonard Ravenhill, Bill McCloud, Josef Tson, and others. These are men who influenced my life through their preaching and writing and here they were all in one place. They had individual sessions where they talked about revival and were interviewed in order to give their testimony of faith in Christ. And there was a panel discussion where as a group they discussed true revival and the church in America.

I could not attend but quickly got ahold of the videos. They are my most watched and loaned out videos! Many friends and fellow pastors have watched them. Several good friends who watched them were later members of Life Action Ministries. And everyone who has seen them is challenged and changed from the experience. It is a presentation given by men who do not fear the world, the flesh, or the devil - and they do not flinch as they preach the Word and call the church to repentance and revival.

You cannot imagine my surprise then, when doing a search online for something else entirely, I came across a link where the entirity of the videos from Revival Forum 89 has been put online for download for FREE! So now I do not have to lend my worn out videos any longer. Now I can send a link!!

I have added the link to my sidebar here on the blog and want to make this announcement as well so that you know what the link is for and how you will benefit from visiting the site. You can download the sessions in audio or video. Take the time to listen. There is lots to learn.

Here is the main link and a few sessions I especially recommend. In fact, I do more than recommend it. This is not a suggestion! You MUST listen to these.

Revival Forum 89

Take Special Notice of These Sessions:
Panel Discussion (video)
Leonard Ravenhill (video)
Josef Tson (video)


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