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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Overcoming Obstacles to Discernment

As we continue on in our study Learn to Discern, this week's devotionals will focus on the two main obstacles to discernment and how we can overcome them. When it comes to understanding the difference between right and wrong, good and evil, sound and unsound doctrine, there really are only two things that stand in the way.

The first is our own immaturity. Paul said it plainly - by now you should be teachers but instead you are still needing milk. It is time to move on to solid food. Grow up and eat meat! So how do we know if we are immature or not? How do we measure maturity? And how do we overcome immaturity when it proves to be an obstacle to discernment? We will learn the answer to these questions in our devotionals this week.

The second obstacle is sin. Whether it is willful or done in ignorance, sin blinds us to the truth. Transgressing God's Word is indeed an obstacle to discernment. So we will also study where sin comes from and how we should deal with it, including a look at what our attitude and our actions should be in response to sin.

So while we are waiting (expectantly I hope) on this week's devotionals, feel FREE to start the week off by listening to this week's sermon on the topic of discernment taken from Matthew 15:1-20 and titled Discern or Be Defiled.


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