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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Phillip's Phunnies - Books and Authors

A merry heart does good, like medicine... - Proverbs 17:22

Here is a list of notable books and the authors who wrote them:

Tea and Cookies
by Duncan A. Biscuit

Opening Doors
by McKay Fitz Yurlock

High Explosives
by Diana Mite

Three Miles to the Outhouse
by Willie Makkit
illustrated by Bettie Dont

Through the Broken Window
by Eva Brick

The Herd Mentality
by Stan Pede

Going Up!
by Elly Vator

Knock, Knock
by Isabelle Working
illustrated by Theodore S. Locked

My House and the Hurricane
by Rufus Offit

Handbook of Poisons
by Cy O'Nide

Elephant Guns and Ammo
by Ivor E. Hunter

The Fencing of the West
by Bob and Barbara Wire

That's Better
by Clara Fied

Succesful Outdoor Advertising
by Bill Bored

Advanced Denistry
by Perry O'Donnell

The History of Kung-Fu
by Marsha Larts

Bluegrass Instruments
by Amanda Lynn

by M.T. Bed

Seventeenth Century Art
by Rene Sance

Without Warning
by Oliver Sudden

You're All Wet
by Wayne Storms

by Tim Berr

Learn the Alphabet
by A.B. Cede

Faster Than a Speeding Bullet
by Sue Perman

Plumbing for Dummies
by Dwayne Pipe

Outboard Motor Repair
by Rhoda Shore

Funeral Ettiquette
by Paul Behrer

Denistry 101
by Phil McKavity

Facial Expressions
by Rays I. Browse

Cats in the Desert
by Sandy Claws

French Sandals and Casual Wear
by Philippe Philoppe

BONUS #1 - Speaking of the French
Introducing the French Army Knife

BONUS #2: An extra joke for free
(told to me by my barber this week):

Did you hear about the termite that walked into a bar and asked,
"Is the bartender here?"

Is the bar tender here? Get it?

BONUS #3: More Puns from Derick Dickens
A Good Pun is its own Re-Word



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