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- Ephesians 4:11-12

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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Phillip's Phunnies

Time for our usual Saturday comics.....

My favorite comic strip since early in life has been Peanuts created by Charles M. Schulz. The older I get the more I appreciate his work. The insight to human nature, the imagination, the humor, the theology - I love it all! While Snoopy is my favorite character, my wife will tell you that I am most like Linus. She is most like Sally and does occassionally refer to me as her "Sweet Baboo."

Here is a link to a strip that shows us Linus in his early years as an apologist!

Bible Trivia

Now for a few more Phunnies:

My friend Dustin (The Once Dead Poet) recently told me a joke about a man who went to the barber for a hair cut and shave. Afterwards he thought to himself that he had never had such a good shave before so he started going back to this barber for his daily shave.

One day however, the barber was not available but his daughter was there and assured him that she could shave just as well if not better than her father. So he agreed, with some reluctance, to allow the barber's daughter to shave him.

He noticed something strange the next day. He had no stubble. No whiskers. Not even a 5 o'clock shadow. In fact, several days past and he still did not need a shave!

He was perplexed and so returned to the barber shop to ask what the deal was. The barber asked when the man had come in for his last shave. The man explained that it had been many days ago and that the barber's daughter had given him the shave.

The barber immediately replied, "Oh, I understand. You were shaved by Grace - and when you are shaved by Grace, once shaved, always shaved!"

Of course that joke reminds me of the one about the small country church in West Texas. The new, young pastor there was trying to raise funds to repaint the church. The building was old. Really old. And it needed some repairs.

A few weeks later, when a church painting was scheduled on a Saturday everyone showed up to paint the old building. However, about half way through the job the young pastor realized that he had miscalculated and that they did not have enough paint. He did not want to paint only half the building because he knew it could be weeks before more money would be raised to buy more paint. But one of the deacons had a suggestion.

He told the pastor that whenever he had painted his barn and was running out of paint that he just added thinner to the paint to make it go farther. The young pastor believed this to be a good solution and so instructed the painters to thin the paint.

They were able to paint the whole building, but the day was not over yet. Just as the last few areas were touched up it began to rain!! Sure enough, the downpour began to wash all of the wet thinned paint off the building.

The young pastor was distaught. He began to pray asking God what he was to do now. About that time there was a beam of light that broke through the clouds and a booming voice from heaven said, "Repaint, Repaint and thin no more."

hehehe - okay - that's enough for today....


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