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Friday, June 15, 2007

More from Genesis

Jonathan Hunt has been continuing his series of messages from Genesis, covering chapters 10-12. These next three messages are now available online at the following links:

Confusion at Babel - Gen. 11:1-9

At Babel, the people rebelled against the will of God, and He acted decisively to end their plans, creating many languages. In the New Testament era, God enacted a dramatic reversal of this at Pentecost, and the Church looks forward to Heaven, where people of 'every tongue' will gather round the throne. Challenges abound as we consider these issues.

By Faith, Abraham - Gen. 12

Abraham is held up to us as a great example of faith - but he was not a superhuman, and we can follow his example of living by faith. In this message we examine God's announcement of his Covenant with Abraham, Abraham's Faith, and also his failure in Egypt. Above all, we remind ourselves that when 'I AM' says 'I WILL', we should take Him at His word, and that the focus of our lives should be Heaven.

Lot's Choice, Abram's Reward - Genesis 13-14

There is much we can learn from the poor choice of Lot, and the principled actions of Abram. We review Lot's disastrous move to Sodom, and the consequences of failing to separate from sin, and we consider Abram's heroic rescue of Lot, which brings blessing to all the local nations. Throughout these events we see Abram's solid dependence upon God, and God's kindness to him.

Also be sure to check out his latest evangelistic messages:

The Challenge of the Ascension - Luke 24:50-53

Many overlook the ascension of Jesus Christ - but it was an event that caused his disciples great joy. Why was that? Have we faced up to the reality that Christ has ascended to Heaven - and will return?

The True Power of Pentecost - Acts 2

When the Holy Spirit came down at Pentecost, amazing things happened to the Apostles. They spoke in many languages to the crowds who gathered. How do we react when we hear the gospel? Are we like the crowds? Have we experienced the true power of Pentecost - lives transformed by faith in Jesus Christ?

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