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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Phillip's Phunnies - Family Names

A merry heart does good, like medicine... - Proverbs 17:22

Today's Phunnies is a true story! This is based on a discovery I made a few years back quite by "accident." Let me take the time to tell the story.

Years ago as a young man I met another young man and our friendship would impact both of our lives to this day. I have mentioned him and his family before. Pastor Brian Hedges and I started our friendship debating the great doctrines of Scripture. As I grew to know and love his family it was his father, Pastor Ronnie Hedges, who officiated at my wedding.

I do not remember the exact date these events I am about to share occured, but I remember it was a blustery West Texas day. My wife and I had travelled out to attend church with the Hedges family in Lawn, Texas, to sing praises, pray, and hear Ronnie preach the Word. On the way out of the church service we noticed a picture hanging in the lobby of a church. It was a picture of the pastor who had founded the church. He looked familiar, and when we looked more closely at the picture we realized that his last name was a family name. The founder of this little church in West Texas where Ronnie, and later Brian both served as pastor had been planted many years before by my great grandfather's older brother.

I had been unaware up to that time that there were preachers in our family history, but there he was, Elder E.C. Mahurin. It was a blessing to know that there was a heritage in the family where a distant relative had spent his life in service to Christ preaching the Word and planting churches. And it was especially thrilling to know he had believed and preached the doctrines of grace. He was a Reformed Baptist church planter - just like I am!

Doing a little investigating online this week I discovered a short biography for my great-great uncle that I had not seen before. The article stated:

Elder Mahurin was born in Culp, Texas in 1887. He passed from this life in October 1950 in San Angelo, Texas. He was ordained to the ministry in Culp, Texas in July 1912. He served several churches (some as pastor) for over 38 years among them were Culp, Waco, Hillsboro, Crosbyton, Wingate, Lawn, Breckenridge, Brownwood, and San Angelo; all in the State of Texas. He and Sister Mahurin were blessed to have seven children.

Elder Mahurin had the marvelous gift, in the pulpit or with pen in hand, of portraying his Lord and master in a most beautiful way for sinners to adore. Seldom would an issue of The Baptist Trumpet leave the press without one of his beautiful short articles.

Finding this snippet of information got me to really searching, for now I had the name of a magazine for which he wrote articles! I have been able so far to find 2 articles and will be posting them shortly. But before I do I have to share one more bit of information that to me is absolutely hysterical. Let me share some more family history to set this up properly.

My great-great grandfather was named Enoch Calvin Mahurin. His oldest son was also named Enoch Calvin. He is the subject if this article, my great-great uncle. He was known as Calvin. Enoch's third son was my great grandfather, named Walter Eugene. He was known all his life as Buster. So these brothers were known as Calvin and Buster.

Now when it comes to family names it is not unusual to name our children after family members from past generations. But I don't think it is quite so common to name our pets after our relatives. You see, what I DID NOT KNOW before the research I uncovered today is the fact that these brothers in my family tree were known as Calvin and Buster. So you have to laugh when you know that my wife and I have 2 cats who are from the same litter, brothers in fact, who are named, yep, you guessed it, Calvin and Buster!!

Here they are, in true character:




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What a great story!

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