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Monday, January 08, 2007

Notable Hymns

A favorite feature on Jonathan Hunt's blog finds a review of Notable Hymns. Here is how Jonathan intruduced the series:

As often as possible, I hope to post here some little-known, or perhaps forgotten, and possibly even recently-composed, hymns and psalm versions from my collection of books, but especially from Psalms and Hymns of Reformed Worship, which is the in-house hymnbook at the Metropolitan Tabernacle. First issued in 1991, this hymnbook revitalised the tradition of having psalm versions, metricals, paraphrases, and/or expansions, for all 150 psalms in a seperate section, like CH Spurgeon did in his Our Own Hymnbook. As Phil Johnson remarked on his blog (you would have to scroll back through the archives to 3 July), traditional worship is not dead, but very much alive.

I did think of writing a long para about modern worship here, or CCM as it is known. But a million things have been written, and more forcefully than I could. I will link some good articles on the subject at a later date.Call me old-fashioned, but I stick with hymns and psalms, written in whatever age, that are profound, doctrinally rich, and reverent. It is to introduce you all (whoever you are!) to some of these that I will post here.

Here then are a few Notable Hymns:

Notable Hymns I
Notable Hymns II
Notable Hymns III
Notable Hymns IV
Notable Hymns V
Notable Hymns VI
Notable Hymns VII
Notable Hymns VIII
Notable Hymns IX
Notable Hymns X
Notable Hymns XI
Notable Hymns XII
Notable Hymns XIII
Notable Hymns XIV
Notable Hymns XV

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