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Sunday, April 02, 2006

The Sins of Assyria

This week's sermon is titled The Sins of Assyria and is a presentation of 2 Kings 18-19 as well as material from 2 Chronicles 32 and Isaiah 36-37. In the interim time between the Books of Jonah and Nahum, we have examined (last Sunday) the sins of Israel that led to her captivity and now we are delving into the sins of Assyria, specifically of King Sennacherib and his blasphemous boasts against the Lord as he threatened Hezekiah and the southern kingdom of Judah.

Assyria was guilty of attempting to worship God along with their idols, creating a form of worship that involved the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob as well as their own false gods and idols. Of course, God can only be worshipped rightly when He is worshipped alone (Exodus 20:3).

In fact, through last weeks message and now this message we learn that at the root and foundation of the destruction of Israel, the judgment on Assyria, and the captivity of Judah in one sin - the sin of corrupting the worship of God by worshipping Him along with idols and false gods.

Worship is a serious matter. The truth is that wherever the focus of our worship is - that is who or what we are worshipping. Whether the focus is on God or on others or even on ourselves and what we want in worship, wherever the focus is there we find our "god". And if God judged and destroyed these 3 nations because they corrupted His worship then how careful and precise should be when we approach God in worship?

This message contains lions, blashemy, boasts, threats, idols, kings, armies, sin, prayer, worship, death, and destruction - as well as a revelation about the identity of the Angel of the Lord. Tune in, listen online, or download for free this sermon as we continue on in our series through Jonah and Nahum.



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