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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Wednesday - Need to Read - Phil Johnson and the Law

I am continuing to post each day this week a link to a blog article that we all NEED to READ. Uplifting, challenging, convicting, encouraging - whatever the case, these will be some things we need to think about, challenge us to re-evaluate some things in this new year, shed some light on new trends and fads within the evangelical world, and most of all point us to Christ!

Today we will take a look at a few articles posted by Phil Johnson on his sometimes inflammatory blog, PyroManiac.

I would never have put the following groups together, but Phil Johnson did! What do Pacifists, Anabaptists, Dispensationalists, and New Covenant Theology adherents have in common? According to Johnson, they all have built a system of theology upon the "common belief....that the New Covenant era is governed by a whole different moral standard from the Old Covenant era. They typically argue that this is what the Sermon on the Mount was all about: Jesus was modifying the moral content of the Law. Some even claim He nullified the Law itself, despite Jesus' own explicit disclaimer in Matthew 5:17-19."

As important as it is to know what the Bible teaches about the relationship between Christians and the Law, this is indeed a hot topic today, especially in reformed Baptist circles. In addressing this topic, Phil Johnson has written the following that we NEED to READ and think about:

Did Jesus Change the Moral Law?
Ex Lex?
Is Moses' Law a Simple, Seamless Garment?

Stay tuned to the PyroManiac as he has promised to speak to this topic in more detail in the days ahead!


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