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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Thursday - Need to Read - Al Mohler and the Emerging Church

I am continuing to post each day this week a link to a blog article that we all NEED to READ. Uplifting, challenging, convicting, encouraging - whatever the case, these will be some things we need to think about, challenge us to re-evaluate some things in this new year, shed some light on new trends and fads within the evangelical world, and most of all point us to Christ!

Today we will be looking over a few posts from Dr. Albert Mohler as he has addressed the newest fad among post-modern evangelicals, the Emergent or Emerging Church. What is this movement? Who are its leaders? Can they be trusted? What are they emerging from and what are they emerging into? Mohler answers these questions in his commentary and his blog.

What Should We Think about the Emerging Church? - Part 1
What Should We Think of the Emerging Church? - Part 2
"A Generous Orthodoxy" - Is It Orthodox?

Blog Posts:
DA Carson on the Emerging Church
What's Emerging from the Emergent Church?

As a BONUS today with this topic, I wanted to include links from another already recommended blog. Tim Challies has done a great job in evaluating and reviewing the stuff coming out of this new movement. Check out what he has to say here:

Emergent Leaders and Their Books Reviewed by Tim Challies
Velvet Elvis by Rob Bell
Radical Reformission by Mark Driscoll - Part 1
Radical Reformission by Mark Driscoll - Part 2
Radical Reformission by Mark Driscoll - Part 3
Radical Reformission by Mark Driscoll - Part 4
Radical Reformission by Mark Driscoll - Part 5
Radical Reformission by Mark Driscoll - Part 6
Schaeffer, McLaren and Orwell
A Generous Orthodoxy Reviewed

Blog Posts and Comments
The Death Knell for the Emergent Church
Brian McLaren's TULIP
Renaming the Doctrines of Grace
In Deep
Emergent Church: Nothing New Under the Sun

And even Phil Johnson over at PyroManiac takes a poke at this emerging nonsense here and there:
Shall we sell our birthright for a mess of faddage?
More on the Fad-Driven Church

To sum up, what can we say about the emerging/emergent church?

A new fad driven by a post-modern worldview, equipped with an extremely low view of Scripture, a wrong view of God, a high view of self (and self-esteem enhanced through personal "experiences"), a low view of sin, and an ecumenical attitude of cooperation in spiritual experiences and pursuits with non-Christians and pseudo-Christian cults. In short, Evangelist Leonard Ravenhill said it best years and years ago when he described this kind of movement as having "humanized God, deified man, and minimized sin."

Hopefully the fad will pass quickly. Until then, Christian BEWARE!


Blogger Olaf said...

The emerging church is surely an issue that need's addressing. I went to MarsHill in seattle pastored by Mark Driscoll.

I liked it there Driscoll was or is probably the closest to a reformed emergent there is.

I see emerging as a weird abberation of the seeker sensitive movement which is a aberation or off shoot of the prosperity-word of faith which is an offshoot of the pentecostal movement which is a off shoot of feminism and to go really far back pagan religous groups.

I wonder this everytime I visit a church is this a community gathered together over similar beliefs or is this a community of beleivers gathered together to worship God?

Did'nt God say He would destroy us for a lack of knowledge?

Excellent Post PastorWay!!!!

In Christ,
Olaf (blade)

2:14 AM  

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