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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Saturday Sports Edition

Yes, today we will devote the space usually used for our Phunnies to a serious topic. Sports! My favorite sport is baseball! I did in high school play football (duh, I'm a sixth generation native Texan). I started in ninth grade as a right guard on offense and a nose guard on defense. Then in tenth grade I played second string quarterback and first string defensive corner back and safety. I was #10. Then in practice one day I got tackled out of bounds into a fence and an elbow injury ended my football career. Then I spent time throughout high school and college coaching basketball and track, and serving as an public announcer for football games.

I grew up rooting for the Dallas Cowboys, but ever since the day that man from Arkansas came to town and fired Coach Landry, I now pick my pro football team on a weekly basis - whoever plays the Cowboys is my team of the week!

But the reality of it all is that I am really a Texas Ranger fan. Texas has not ever made it to the World Series, as my wife reminds me often.

She being from Chicago is a lifelong Cubs fan, and I have even been known to root for them justifying the notion that it is okay for one to have an American League team and a National League team. In rooting for Texas and the Cubs I have frequently been hostile to the Houston Astros. I have never been a fan of any team from Houston!

Well, I have made an exception. You see, the Houston Astros are going to the World Series. And they are playing one of the chief rivals of the Chicago Cubs - yep, it is the Astros against the White Sox. Interstingly, one of the higher ups in the White Sox organization said this week that even if they win the Series they will still be second to the Cubs. I heard my wife say, "Amen!" So for the near future, I am an Astros fan!


One last note before getting on with the day, I do enjoy watching a college football game from time to time. Not religiously, but every so often (in other words, when I have the time!). And this weekend, the national focus is on the oldest rivalry in Texas college football. The University of Texas Longhorns are playing the Texas Tech Red Raiders. I served for a time at 2 churches in West Texas near and in Lubbock. And now we live 15 minutes from Austin - the capital of the greatest Nation (errr, State) in the world. And I am expecting the Longhorns to whip the Raiders. They are favored, and I am behind them!


FINAL SCORE: Texas 52 - Tech 17


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How about them Cards?

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